How To Stay Productive and Happy During Quarantine

We want to share with you some tips on how to have a productive day and stay happy during quarantine. 

1. Set and alarm and wake up at a consistent time everyday

2. Make your bed (hi mom!)

3. Head to the kitchen and drink an 8 oz glass of water

4. Move your body for 20 minutes (stretch, yoga, exercise, etc.)

5. Eat a healthy breakfast to start the day right

6. Get ready for the day even though you are staying home! This one is huge. Shower, put on some makeup, brush your hair, wear a feel good outfit that's not jammies. Everyone is guilty of this from time to time but if you make it a habit of always grungin' around this can make you feel less motivated.

Here are some feel good outfits that are comfortable and stylish:

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Harem Jumpsuit, Corduroy Jumpsuit, Crop T Shirt, Denim Joggers, Shirt Dress

7. Spend less time on your phone

8. Fuel your body with healthy foods

9. Each week write out tasks you need to accomplish with check boxes

We hope this helps you to feel better and stay more motivated through this difficult time. Creating routines is a great way to stay happy friends.